The Halal Corner

Kismet 2 Mediterranean Cuisine

1200 Barbara Jordan Blvd Ste 300         Austin, Texas, 78723   

In The Halal Corner We Are Specialized In the Arabic Food Cooking, So you can order any item from our menu, Or we can cook special food for your party, we can cater for small Group, or Large group of people.

Some Of The Special Items

 - Whole Baked Lamb, With Ozy Rice

 - Kafta with Tahini Sauce, Rice

 -Cauliflower With yogurt  Sauce, Rice 

 - Okra With Tomato Sauce, Rice Side

 -Baked Okra With Tomato and onion

 - Baked Chicken With Potato

 -Baked Chicken With Onion

 - Baked Kafta 

 - Ozy Rice With Ground Meat and nuts

 - Makloubeh Rice With Cauliflower,                     Eggplent

 - Green Beans With Tomato Sauce and               Rice on The side

 -Jordanian Mansaf With Lamb meat 

    Or Chicken

 - Baked Fish With Vegetables